Changes Galore on the Mount Campus

Ericka Dixon, News Editor


Out with the old and in with the new. As the summer came to an end and people returned to the Mount, there were many changes that awaited the incoming and returning students:


  • Over the summer, the Physical Plant was busy working on projects to improve various aspects of the campus.
  • For freshman living in Pangborn Hall, new finishes, washers and dryers have been added to the laundry room, while over in Sheridan Hall new doors were added to the entrance and the gas lines and water heaters were replaced.
  • The Mount Café received new carpeting and decorative blue panels displaying the Mount community.
  • Many upgrades were made to the Seminary including new carpet in the dorms, hallways, mailroom and lounge, while chairs, trim and LED energy efficient lighting were all replaced. On the exterior of the building, the roofing was replaced along with a grooming of the landscaping at Mary and St. John’s Well.
  • Complete with a new a-wing and planters, the pick-up station for student packages at the Power Plant building will be much easier and safer to access.
  • In Bicentennial Hall a new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible room was added, while the Science Building’s Academic Center has been graced with new classroom furniture.
  • Projects completed in the ARCC include a new pool lining, new handrails on the bleachers in the arena, a new bottle filling water station, new hand dryers and LED energy-efficient pool lights are coming soon.
  • Around campus, many upgrades were made to the pavements, including resurfacing ramps, rebuilding and paving around the ARCC and replacing brick pavers all around campus.
  • The Philips Library Archives Room now has new carpeting and automated archives shelving and the bathrooms are now ADA compliant. Also in McGowan Center, the Outdoor Adventures Office has received various renovations.
  • In addition, the Terrace heating circuits were tied into the emergency generator, the roof was replaced at Keelty, Rooney and Horning apartments, the sewer lines have been fixed at Redman Court and the Cupola and Cross at Dubois Hall has been repaired
  • Finally, construction work has started on the new waste water treatment plant, which will provide a cleaner, greener and safer Mountain home.

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