What Elizabeth Taught Me Lecture Series

Mary Sherwood, Staff Writer

There was no better way to honor to Elizabeth DiNunzio than to have one of her good friends, Jessica Romanoski, an alumni, give advice to current Mount students. During her lecture, she shared the many things that Elizabeth felt were key to having a successful college career. This lecture was geared to help students who are Education majors, as Romanoski is currently a Special Education Resource Teacher at a local elementary school.

Some interesting facts about Elizabeth were that she was the treasurer of the Honor Society, originally from Pittsburgh, PA and she loved running. Her main focus in college was education. For those who are unaware, Elizabeth DiNunzio was struck by a car and killed on Annandale Road in 2009, two weeks before her graduation from the Mount. Needless to say, she died doing something she loved and which was running. It was Elizabeth DiNunzio that got Romanoski into running.

“Running is amazing,”exclaimed Romanoski as she talked about her favorite way to de-stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, “High and constant stress levels can negatively affect a person’s physical and mental health.”

Romanoski said that “It is important to take time and enjoy life and take time to de-stress.” Ever since she became a teacher, she has been faced with different stressful situations every day and her way of handling the stress is by running.

During her lecture, Romanoski shared that in order to relieve stress within the workplace, one must eliminate the source, determine whether it is short term or long term stress, take a mini break within the day and lastly, if need be, take a mental health day.

As a current teacher, Jessica gave advice from her perspective. She laid out the facts of what it is like being in the workforce and how stress can overcome you very quickly. Her job is fun and she fully enjoys teaching, but her main point, and what she learned from Elizabeth DiNunzio, was that it is important to de-stress and take mental health days when necessary.

Running was Elizabeth’s passion and now it is Romanoski’s. Although running is not enjoyable for everyone, she encouraged every student to find something that he or she likes to do and to make it a habit.


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