2014 Mount’s Got Talent Final

Angela Smith, Staff Writer

The final round of Mount’s Got Talent 2014 wrapped up a great season on Thursday, April 10. The three very different acts in the lineup included Sean Davis, Suzie Anani and Mackenzie Moore, and Daniel Yen.

Sean Davis began the show off with four works of original spoken word. Each of these pieces was met with snaps and claps from the audience. A particularly moving moment of the show was when Davis brought up his girlfriend, Cristiana Burke, to accompany him on his third piece. She sang, while he continued his spoken word. He surprised Burke with his fourth piece, which was dedicated to her.

When asked what his favorite part of the performance was, Davis stated that he enjoyed it most because he had stopped performing his spoken word for a while.

“It was fun to get back into it and discuss different topics,” stated Davis.

Next up was the team of juniors, Mackenzie Moore, who sang, and Suzie Anani who played the piano. They covered three songs from artists including Usher, Demi Lovato and Naughty Boy. The final song was a innovative mash up of Naughty Boy’s song, La La La and a few other popular songs.

“I don’t usually sing in front of large groups of people, so it was really nerve wracking coming up here the first time but it was a lot easier having Suzie up here. She helps me come out of my shell,” stated Moore while on stage.

Dan Yen was the last act of this year’s final show and he did more standup comedy. He roasted his mother while she was in the audience and covered topics that most college students can relate to, such as the foundation of college cuisine; Ramen, Easy Mac and spaghetti noodles. He also explained the controversy of the “lady bracket” and how he chose who he will be taking to senior formal.

While the votes were being counted, hosts Caitlin Gagnon and Colin Gbolie played and sang a rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

When the votes were in, the first prize winner was Sean Davis, who won $350. Dan Yen came in second place and Mackenzie Moore and Suzie Anani came in third place.


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