RecycleMania Kicks Off

Ericka Dixon, Staff Writer

For the next eight weeks, the Mount will be hosting its annual RecycleMania event. The event will run from Feb. 2 to Mar. 29. During this time, the Mount will compete against other universities to see who can recycle the most during the course of the event.

RecycleMania is an intercollegiate competition to promote recycling and to see how much each school can recycle based on the number of students enrolled and also by weight.

This year the competition is different for the Mount due to a new system of recycling called single-stream. With this new system, it is now possible to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and even glass all in the same container.

During the course of the competition, the participating schools are ranked weekly to see who recycled the most. At the end of the competition, the winner receives recognition through a national press release and a trophy.

There is an abundance of places around campus where students can recycle, such as the Apartments, Bicentennial Hall, Terrace Hall and always in Patriot Hall.  There are also recycle bins in upper and lower McGowan.

“I think that in an age where bigger development and technology are becoming more and more important, it is easy to think of just expanding without really caring about the environment. It is very important to continue to pay attention to the environment. I think that RecycleMania is important because it’s two months where we get to show people how to be more eco-friendly and promote a lifestyle that is beneficial to society as a whole,” said senior Kevin Albano, Student Liaison Advisory Board Co-Chair.

There are many other events to help promote RecycleMania, but the most popular is Reduction Construction. This is an event where students form teams to see who can build the best mechanism out of the recycled materials and duct tape.

“Basically this event is to get people to do something cool with the recycled materials  and to show that recycling has very positive effects and is more than just throwing things away,” said Albano.

“I am a science major, so I am all about saving the environment and helping to become more eco-friendly. I am glad that we have the single stream in the cafeteria because people are making an effort to recycle more things,” said sophomore Alisha Crump.

Other events include clothing drives and information tables where people can learn about ways to recycle and how to help the environment.

“Even though it is as much of a competition as it is trying to recycle as much as we can, it is more about becoming more eco-friendly. So if we recycle less plastic water bottles because people are using reusable water bottles, then I think that is an even bigger victory than just having the numbers to show for it,” said Albano.

RecycleMania is more than just an event about recycling; it is about making the campus, the community, and hopefully the country a greener place to live. This event is open to students and staff who are willing to help make the school a better place.

“I think recycling is good in the sense that it will help future generations. I think if we push for the going green project and stick with it past these two months of RecycleMania, it will become a practice that everyone does and eventually become routine,” said sophomore Brooke Eller.

This campuswide event is focused on recycling, but also on bringing the campus together to make a difference.

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