Don’t be a Stick in the Mud: Stickman Based Games

Kyle Ott, Flash Games Enthusiast

               Sometimes we want our games to be flashy, elaborate and as beautifully rendered as an Italian painting. However sometimes we just want a game to run smoothly and play as addictively as possible. There’s a subsection of gaming centered entirely on Stick Figure games: games with purposefully derpy art, and a goofy aesthetic that are meant to be appreciated because they break with the genre. The next time your trolling the interwebs looking for something to do in between class give one of these games a try.

               Escaping the Prison

               Do you remember reading those corny choose your own adventure books when you were a kid and how much fun it was to read not just because you could win, but because you could go back and trip your way through the myriad of horrible ways to lose. Escaping the Prison plays like one of those corny books except that its more fun to lose in spectacularly awesome ways then it is to win. The game takes the typical prison break story and spices it up with pop culture references, matrix style kung-fu action, and a wide array of constantly malfunctioning gadgets. Seriously, this game gives you the choice between anything from nail files and drills, to matter transporters and your very own dramatic defense attorney, all to give you the chance to shoot yourself in the foot, and the other foot, and everywhere else. If you’re a fan of biting sarcasm and classic pop culture references check this one out.

               Stick War

               While Escaping the Prison falls under the funny, self-referential style of stick games, Stick War is the kind of game that eschews graphics in favor of tight, addictive gameplay. Stick War succeeds by being a simple real time strategy game and doing nothing else. You gather resources, you build soldiers, and you tear down your opponent’s base. Is this childishly simple. Absolutly. Is it easy to learn and incredibly addictive because of how simple it is? Yes, resoundingly yes.


               Well that’s all the time we have for games now! Enjoy these simple little dudes and as always happy playing!

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