Flash Game Gems

Kyle Ott, Staff Writer

               Maybe it’s the snow day, or the fact that the year is getting into full swing, or maybe its just that I’m finally getting old but fast paced games have not been an area of interest lately, at least not in terms of Flash Games. Maybe it’s a sign of the times but I would really really like to just relax while I play a flash game. And so, in keeping with the theme of relaxation and chillness, here are a few games to enjoy while you decide to breath deep and let life happen.

Painter’s Guild

Much like Angry Birds, this game has pretty simple concept. Click on patrons, drag your painters to the canvas, profit. At its core that’s all the game is. However, despite the simple way to play the game itself is incredibly ambitious. Set in Renaissance era Italy (complete with 8-bit cardinals and kings) you take on the role of Leonardo da Vinci’s mentor who is tasked with the dual quest of keeping his burgeoning painters guild running and training his new pupil in the ways of fine art. Throughout the game Leonardo grows to be a skilled painter and you go from doing family portraits to creating work for kings. It’s a cool, slick little game that requires little time to master and comes complete with historically accurate events, and a soothing violin soundtrack. Truly an enjoyable ride.

Ragdoll Achievement 2

While physics has done a lot of good for the human race some people like to use it for things other then self improvement. Things like inflicting large amounts of punishment on a stuffed dummy. While the game lacks a plot or anything even remotely resembling a drive towards self-actualization it makes up for this with the gleeful ingenuity in which you can ruin a dummy’s day. Fans of puzzles, or things like kinex will eat this game up and eagerly romp through the different challenges and combinations of traps that the game offers. Although kinetic in its premise, it is relaxing because it requires little active thought, and a dash of creativity.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy these games and relish the chance to relax in one of the best ways out there: on the interwebs. Until then good luck and happy playing.

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