Bookstore Shortage

Ericka Dixon, Staff Writer

Due to a shortage of textbooks ordered by the bookstore, many students went without books for the first few weeks of the semester.


This semester the bookstore has had a number of books on backorder, and others that simply were not available, causing many students to become frustrated.


“I think the situation with the shortage of books this semester is annoying and that you are paying for books that you are not going to be using the entire semester,” sophomore Meghan Kelly said, “My situation this semester is that there is an entire class of books that are not in yet because they were on backorder and if the books I ordered are not available within the next two days, I’m going to order them from another company. I think the bookstore should order more books in the beginning of the semester because they know how many people are taking a class and that they should give money back for the books students are not using.”


    Although The Mountain Echo asked to speak with the bookstore’s manager and employees, both were unwilling to comment on the issue.


    “I am a second semester senior and this is the first time that I have ever had a problem with the bookstore in which I had to go back three times; they were nice with the entire situation, but no one was giving straight answers as to why this was happening,” senior Samantha Pinchoff said. “For future references, I think the bookstore should have a deadline for students to pick up their books so they have enough time to process the books.”


    “I think the book shortage is bad in a sense because I am on a scholarship and the school pays for my books and I have to get them from here and the fact that I cannot get my books is very hindering. I do not know where the problem resides, however, I think they should be more organized and implement a new system,” Shanice Blanchard C’14.


    As the semester progressed, many students began to notice the shortage as professors continued to assign work.


    “I think the situation with the bookstore is an unnecessary and frustrating problem that needs to be addressed. In one of my classes, I did not have any of the books that I needed, so I think there needs to be more communication between the professors and the bookstore to ensure that students get their books on time,” said senior Justin Byram.

“When the semester began, students were expecting to receive books that they ordered online and when they came to pick them up, they we told that their books were not available.  The bookstore as well as professors should have things prepared in advance so this doesn’t happen again. I think the shortage of books this semester is really ridiculous because we go through this every year and the bookstore should find a way along with the professors to get everything in on time. It is ridiculous because students have to go through two weeks without books for a certain class and they get behind on homework and it puts them in an uncomfortable position,” said junior Antwan Jermaine Smith.

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