Student Spotlight: Lydia Olsen

Angela Smith, Staff Writer

Although she enjoys hanging out with family and friends during her free time, Lydia Olsen’s favorite thing to do is help others. She is one of about 20 CORE leaders, trained through the Office of Social Justice, who go on different service trips and educate other students on current social justice issues.

Olsen’s hometown is Annapolis, and she is a sophomore at the Mount, as well as a psychology major. She became interested in psychology during high school, when she took an AP course on the subject.

“I think it could really help me in any field that I want to go into,” she said.

Although she is unsure of exactly what she would like to do after she graduates, Olsen knows that doing service will always be an important part of her life.

“Service is something that I feel like I am called to do, and I am going to let the path unfold,” she said.

She is happy to be able to do service almost every weekend and also is a Mount ambassador and columnist for the Emmitsburg News Journal. Olsen writes for the “Four years at the Mount” section. Each month, she receives a different theme to write on.

Olsen really appreciates the community aspect that the Mount has. She went to a high school with even greater numbers than all four classes at the Mount, so coming here was a change.

“I always know that somebody has my back here,” she said.

Since the semester is winding down, Olsen is looking forward to finishing strong and being able to spend time with her family. Her older sister just got engaged, so she will be using this upcoming break to help plan the wedding.


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