The Desolation of Games

Kyle Ott, Staff Writer

Break is coming … which can only mean one thing: more time to play ridiculously fun flash games! In honor of the approaching break and the impending release of the second part of the Hobbit Trilogy, here are some of the best fantasy flash games out there.


Enchanted Cave

Taking its cues from the early fantasy arcade games like Gauntlet, “Enchanted Cave” features a series of dungeon floors increasing in difficulty the longer the game stretches on, eventually becoming so difficult that you cannot hope to win. Do not despair, for when you die, you start the game over from level one but with one difference: any ancient artifact or spell you found on your earlier travels remains, allowing you to plunge deeper into the abyss and fight all forms of evil and eventually emerge from the darkness victorious.


Monsters’ Den 2

I’m going to come out and say it. This is the best turn-based RPG available in flash game form, period. Everything about this game is just plain awesome, from the old-fashioned art of the characters and monsters to the randomized loot and dungeon layouts. With two completely unique campaigns to play through, a multitude of boss monsters, several unique classes, and the chance to hunt down the legendary beasts of Greek mythology (including opening and then killing everything in Pandora’s Box), this game is layers upon layers of hack-and-slash fun. It takes about two hours to beat the two campaigns but you can easily spend 10 times that amount of time from experimenting with your party, finding the unique events scattered throughout the cavernous dungeons, and trying to play through all the optional content. Play this at your own risk, because once you become engrossed you won’t want to stop.


Hands of War

Unlike the other RPGs on this list, Hands of War plays more like Skyrim for the browser gamer than the previous two games. Unlike “Monsters’ Den,” there are only three classes to play around with and the story line is linear at best. However, Hands of War more than makes up for that fact with a massive game world to explore and tons of extra items, side quests and factions to experiment with. In addition, the combat in this game is fast-paced and ranges from quick little skirmishes to all out magic-infused brawls with the forces of chaos.  As a side note, this game does boast a robust sequel that fixes many of the shortcomings of the original, but there is something about the first entry of this franchise that is so fun and fluid that it’s scary.

May the gods be with you, friends, and if you do decide to embark on some cyber-dragon slaying, do so safely! As always, good luck and happy playing.


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