Student Spotlight: Olivia Curcillo

Angela Smith, Staff Writer

Echo Student of the Week: Olivia Curcillo

At the moment, Olivia Curcillo is looking forward to seeing her family in her hometown of Harrisburg, Pa., during the upcoming Thanksgiving break and having some time to relax from this busy semester. She is a senior, and is almost ready to begin her last semester at Mount St. Mary’s University. She has come to realize just how much she is going to miss this place and all the things that she loves about it.

Curcillo is involved in many different clubs and organizations at the Mount. She is the president of Campus Ministry, has been a Resident Assistant for three years, helps with Lighted Corners and is a co-editor for Tolle Lege. She also interns at the Writing Center, leads the campus English club and is a coordinator for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Curcillo’s faith is important to her, and she enjoys being able to celebrate her beliefs in several different ways at the Mount.

“I’m really going to miss having so many chapels within walking distance,” she stated.

Curcillo identifies herself as someone who is organized and optimistic. She also describes herself as an avid reader, so it makes sense that she is an English and philosophy double major. Reading is her favorite activity during her free time and she loves discussing works of literature.

“Philosophy and literature are easy to connect, especially because most philosophical virtues can be found in literature,” she said.

Her favorite authors are Jane Austen and John Green. She suggests John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” which is her favorite novel.

Curcillo has just begun to apply to grad schools around the country and she hopes to get a doctorate in literature studies.  She has also been working on her honors project, which combines both of her majors. She will be discussing the value of mercy, which is found both in William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” as well as in some of Thomas Aquinas’ works.

She said she will miss the Mount greatly, and especially the professors that teach at the Mount and those who she has worked closely with.

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