Echo on Campus: “What do you most look forward to doing over Thanksgiving Break?

Bridgette Nitza, Staff Writer


“Being with family.”

Name: Morgan Serra

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Monkton, Md.


“Hanging out with my siblings.”

Name: Jules Mastromatteo

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Ortonville, Mi.


“The food!”

Name: Maria Carrescia

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Ashburn, Va.


“Hanging out with my friend, who is a Marine, and playing airsoft.”

Name: Mark Diemer

Year: Junior

Hometown: Gambrills, Md.


“Going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade with my Aunt.”

Name: Jason Mansmann

Year: Junior

Hometown: Levittown, Ny.


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