Student Spotlight: Rebekah Hayes

Danielle Edwards
Staff Writer

Rebekah Hayes


When Rebekah Hayes isn’t being nominated as Student of the Month here at the Mount, you can find her watching and laughing to “Saturday Night Live” or “Parks and Recreation.” Hayes is from Bowie and currently a junior at the Mount, working towards a degree in theology with an emphasis in religious education and youth ministry. Hayes hopes someday to work as a youth minister, campus minister or high school religion teacher to help educate and leave a positive impact on the lives of many.

Hayes contributes to the Mount community in numerous ways, from being a resident assistant on campus, class of 2015 vice president, a student representative on University Council, a member of the Junior Ring Committee and Best Buds, and as campus ministry retreat coordinator, which has led her to being nominated as Student of the Month.


“I am grateful, but at the same time humbled by being named student of the month,” Hayes said. “It seriously is a surprise to me and I am just happy to be able part of this Mount community. It is a reminder that I am called to work and strive to be present in the places where I am, and to serve those around me”.


Hayes said she has grown to enjoy the RA position.


“The staff that I get to work with is an incredible group of people,” she said. “I have learned so much from this position, which has helped me grow as an individual. It has taught me how to listen and to respect people better. I have definitely become a better person through my experience.”


Hayes’ interests include her faith, family, friends, hammocks, moose and hiking.


In her leisure time, she said she loves exploring the woods, being surrounded by her friends, enjoying genuine conversations, going to grotto and “enjoying God’s creation, being in the presence of joy-filled people.” This summer Hayes is planning on working at a camp for children with special health needs in the mountains of Virginia.


Hayes describes herself as someone who is vivacious, caring, faith-filled, outgoing.


“I would say that I have a pretty good sense of humor,” she added.

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